Firestop Products

Firestop Caulk INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk is a single component water-based acrylic intumescent firestop sealant caulk. INSS1440 Listed designs use less product and offer exceptional performance, making it more cost-effective than other traditional firestop caulkings. The product’s fast expansion technology quickly fills voids, offering excellent protection from fire, heat transfer, smoke and gasses. INSS1440 is used for sealing gaps around single or multiple penetrations through interior walls and floors, or for sealing gaps around doors and window frames in critically fire rated structures.

INSS1186 Elastomeric FireCaulk is a water-based acrylic elastomeric fire-rated caulk that offers excellent fire protection and flexibility, even after full curing.

INSS2460 Fire Barrier Silicone Sealant is a one-part, neutral-curing silicone sealant used to control the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gases, and water during fire conditions. INSS2460 offers exceptional performance and listed designs require less product, making INSS2460 more cost-effective than other traditional firestop silicone sealants.

INSS0285 Smoke and Acoustic Sealant is a high-performance acrylic based sealant for sealing construction joints and through penetrations in non-fire-rated assemblies. INSS0285 offers a Reduction in the transmission of sound through wall openings, stops the passage of smoke in smoke barrier walls and stops air leakage to reduce the passage of dust and airborne infectious particles.

FM011 Moldable Firestop Putty is an industry-leading, one-part, flexible intumescent putty ready-to-use for wall or floor openings containing cable trays, cable bundles, plastic pipes and/or conduits providing up to a 3-hour fire-resistance rating.

SSCI Firestop Collar is a stainless-steel collar intended to be used in conjunction with INFS0812 Intumescent Strip to tightly seal any opening that is created as a material is consumed by fire.  SSCI and INFS0812 Fire designs require less product and offer exceptional performance, making SSCI and  SSCI is intended for penetrating items such as nonmetallic p INFS0812 more cost-effective than other traditional firestop collars and strips.ipes, plastic pipe, and insulated pipes.

US150 Fire Barrier Foam is a two-component fire-rated foam, consisting of separate A and B liquid components which, when mixed, forms a flexible medium-density fire retardant foam. US150 Fire Barrier Foam is designed to seal large openings containing multiple penetrations such as cable bundles, cable trays and metallic pipes.

US150 Firestop Brick is a medium density, flexible polyurethane foam designed to firestop large openings containing various penetrants. Once exposed to fire US150 is highly intumescent, this expansion provides a tight seal against the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases.

US150 can be easily cut to fit on-site so penetrants can be easily added, changed or removed and the US150 Bricks can be reused to restore the firestop rating. This makes US150 ideal for use with data and communication cabling or control cabling and cable trays.

US150 can be installed from one side allowing openings with limited access to be effectively fire stopped. US150 pillows require no curing so they are not limited by installation temperature like sealants. offering a window install window.

INFS0812 Intumescent Strip is an industry-leading, proprietary intumescent strip bonded on one side to aluminum foil. INFS0812 Intumescent Strips are quickly and easily installed providing a convenient solution for firestop contractors. INFS0812 designs require less strips to seal the opening making INFS0812 more cost-effective than other traditional firestop intumescent strips.

CFS01 Mortar is an industry-leading, non-intumescent firestop mortar comprised of a proprietary blend of gypsum and cement. CFS01 Mortar is designed with installation convenience in mind. CFS01 Mortar industry-leading mix ratio means more yield per package than competitive products, making CFS01 Mortar the most cost-effective mortar solution on the market.