INFS0812 Intumescent Strip

INFS0812 Intumescent Strip is an industry leading, proprietary intumescent strip bonded on one side to aluminum foil. INFS0812 Intumescent Strips are quickly and easily installed providing a convenient solution for firestop contractors. INFS0812 designs require less strips to seal the opening making INFS0812 more cost effective than other traditional firestop intumescent strips.

INFS0812: 5mm x 60mm x 2M
INFS0822: 5mm x 60mm x 10M
Color: Black
Expansion Rate: 820 Times
L.O.I: 840
In-Service Temperature: -13° F – 176° F (-25° C – 80° C)
Storage Temperature: 40° F – 104° F (5° C – 40° C)
Environmental Exposure Tests: Passed
Accelerated Aging: Passed
High Humidity: Passed

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