DC360 for Wood and Gypsum

IFTI DC360 is a high- performance low VOC, water based, thin film intumescent fire retardant and fire-resistant coating.  DC360 has been tested to provide fire ratings meeting IBC/IRC Building Codes for fire resistance and meets ASTME84 and UL723 Flame Spread and Smoke ratings as a Class A coating.  DC360 has been tested for use on many substrates including, Wood, OSB, Plywood, Gypsum, and more.  DC360 is used to increase fire resistance on floor and ceiling assembles, wall assemblies, roof-ceiling assemblies and individual structural members.  DC360 can be applied to combustible materials in attic spaces to meet ignition resistant material thus allowing the elimination of costly sprinkler systems in many applications or DC360 can take a non-rated ½” gypsum board up to a 1 hr. rating, saving significant money on retrofit projects by eliminating the need to replace existing material while also gaining valuable LEEDS points! How about a change of building use where a 1 hour separation was in place but now needs a 2 hour separation? Simple apply DC360 to meet these new requirements!